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Being Lazy Can Be Harmful To Your Body

You think that by not moving your body you’re conserving energy, well being too lazy to move can actually kill you. According to the study released on a medical issue of the Lancet, inactivity brought death to a stunning 5.3 million citizens of the world on a yearly basis, surprisingly the same mortality rate due to smoking. The most common causes of death for those not receiving the recommended 150 minutes of moderate aerobic physical exercise per week is heart problems, Type two diabetes, bowel melanoma and breast cancers.

We’re always reminded to exercise and constantly being nag about the benefits of being active and staying fit, but few are reminders on the harm in being physically idle or lack of exercise. And so from 16 nations, scientists congregated and released series of issues on inactivity thanks to the Lancet. They’re giving lazy bodies a different approach for people to take it more seriously and they’re like saying “people, it’s not a joke. Get of that couch and start moving!” Or something like that. The group of 33 scientists pulled together from companies across the world also said that government authorities are advised to look at ways to make physical exercise more practical, cost-effective and more secure.

Source: Acupuncture in Arlington Heights IL