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Being Lazy Can Be Harmful To Your Body

You think that by not moving your body you’re conserving energy, well being too lazy to move can actually kill you. According to the study released on a medical issue of the Lancet, inactivity brought death to a stunning 5.3 million citizens of the world on a yearly basis, surprisingly the same mortality rate due to smoking. The most common causes of death for those not receiving the recommended 150 minutes of moderate aerobic physical exercise per week is heart problems, Type two diabetes, bowel melanoma and breast cancers.

We’re always reminded to exercise and constantly being nag about the benefits of being active and staying fit, but few are reminders on the harm in being physically idle or lack of exercise. And so from 16 nations, scientists congregated and released series of issues on inactivity thanks to the Lancet. They’re giving lazy bodies a different approach for people to take it more seriously and they’re like saying “people, it’s not a joke. Get of that couch and start moving!” Or something like that. The group of 33 scientists pulled together from companies across the world also said that government authorities are advised to look at ways to make physical exercise more practical, cost-effective and more secure.

Source: Acupuncture in Arlington Heights IL

Life Coach, Do I Really Need One?

When someone first hears the term life coach, many immediately begin thinking skeptical. What is it that a life coach is supposed to do and why would I need one are traditional questions which instantly arise. From those initial questions, curiosity usually consumes most people to determine what this person is and if they truly need to look at hiring an individual to coach them on their lives.

As time passes on, most individuals relinquish some of their hopes and dreams as aspects of life which will never come to fruition with the help of professional Chicago life coach. These individuals begin feeling discouraged as there may be activities or opportunities they wish to pursue; but feel they will not receive the support or the encouragement which would help them fulfill their goal. A life coach is an individual which comes to ones aide providing encouragement, motivation and direction for an individual who may have become stagnant in their life. The life coach is able to sit across from a person and during a short interview or counseling session, the coach is able to develop a clear picture of what may be holding someone back and develop a clear structured plan to help overcome the challenge which may exist.
Depending on the type of life coach one may employ, an individual may find assistance with general aspects of their daily lives, business development, and personal goals which might have rendered difficulty in the past. It is not uncommon for a person to reach out to their life coach before walking in to deliver a speech or business proposal. The life coach often establishes times for personal meetings, phone calls or emails to further provide the encouragement or motivation one may need at just the right time.
For many this may sound like a friend, and although friendships develop this person is a professional consultant hired to assist, support and provide candid feedback to you. Often a friend may not share that honest response in fear of damaging a friendship, the life coach is hired do provide that to you. The life coach, depending upon specialty, varies in cost ranging from a set price per hour to a set price per month. Pending on the service you select, the type of coaching needed, and the amount of contact will all encompass the final price. These costs could range from less than $100 an hour to upwards of over $1000 per month.